Can’t get enough Yummy hair and styles? You aren’t alone! You’ve been asking, and we’ve answered. We’re announcing an all-new product - raw curly ponytail extensions have officially dropped in our shop. Make sure to order yours today! They say the devil is in the details - and Yummy attends to every last one to ensure that all of our products are the absolute best. These ponytail extensions are made of 100% authentic raw curly hair, with no synthetic fibers. To ensure consistency, each of our hair bundles are cut from a single donor, and they’re made from 3B/3C hair, which is moderately textured with spirals and less frizz - one of our most popular curl pattern extensions. They come in natural black or dark brown, and come in twelve or eighteen inch bundles. Order one for a sleeker ponytail, or use two for a more voluminous look! The styling options are endless. Did you know that our curly hair products can be pressed straight, and with one washing they will return to their regular curl pattern? And did you know they can be dyed? And that with proper care, these extensions can last up to one year? That means that you can achieve virtually any ponytail look or style you want. Need some celebrity inspiration? Check out some of our current favorites below! Ella Eyre’s Voluminous Ponytail This one definitely calls for two bundles! We absolutely love this queen-like look, with hair ultra-slick against the scalp and a voluminous ponytail offset by a gorgeous, simple head-band. To achieve this look, use the back of a comb to make a perfect center-part. Using a strong hold gel on damp hair, pull tightly back into a bun at the nape of the neck, running the comb through hair a few times before securing to ensure that it is pulled as tight as possible. Attach two ponytail bundles as normal. Lightly mist extensions with a gentle hair-spray. Once dry, use fingers to separate the curls until you’ve achieved maximum volume. Finish the look with a headband - or tiara - of your choice! Yara Shahidi’s Finger Waves and Curls Can you ever have too many curls? We don’t think so! We absolutely love this look for the way it combines the cool control of finger waves and the exuberance of a long, voluminous ponytail. To achieve this look, part natural hair on one side, and pull hair across the forehead. Style finger waves using gel and mousse, and pull hair into a low bun at the nap of the neck. Attach two of our eighteen-inch ponytail bundles. After spraying with hairspray, use fingers to gently pull curls apart to increase volume. Rihanna’s Iconic ‘I Dream of Genie’ Ponytail We can’t think of anything more iconic than Rihanna’s ‘I Dream of Genie’ curly ponytail. Can you? This look is equal parts glamor and fun. To get this look, smooth natural hair back into a bun just a few inches down from the very top of your head. Use gel or mousse to smooth back hair, and have fun styling the edges - we like to follow the hair where it seems to want to go, even if it’s not symmetrical! Attach two twelve-inch curly ponytail extensions firmly around the bun. Using a wide-barrel curling iron, smooth hair into waves rather than curls. Spray with a light finishing hairspray, and you’re done! Tracee Ellis Ross’s Uber Elegant Mid-Way Pony This might be the most common place on the head for a ponytail, but trust us, with extensions, this ponytail style is anything but ordinary. To achieve this look, use one or two twelve-inch extensions - your choice! First, pull natural hair straight back into a bun about four or five inches above the nape of the neck. No need to part your hair! Then, attach the extension or extensions. You can separate the curls with your fingers, but you don’t have to - this looks as good with defined ringlets as it does with less defined curls. Of course, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which style you choose - as long as you’re wearing Yummy hair, you’re guaranteed to look gorgeous. With only the highest quality raw hair, no synthetic fibers, and obsessively high standards, Yummy guarantees that with us, you’re getting the best. We love our customers, and want to see how you flaunt your Yummy curly ponytail extensions, so be sure to post your favorite looks on social. Don’t forget to tag us!